Throughout the world we see how technology and computers have become so prevalent that they play a part in almost every aspect of our lives today. Businesses, attorneys, employers, parents, and spouses are finding that with this increased reliance on computers, there is a wealth of data that can be analyzed.....

This data can reveal an employee's theft of intellectual property, or internal hacking activities.

In newspaper headlines and on the news we hear how criminals are using computers to commit their crimes from the comfort of their homes.

We hear about low level employees, up to top level executives, and government employees using their work computers to conduct activities that violate company and agency policies, even being so brazen to view pornography during work hours.

And even worse we hear about how pedophiles are lurking in chat rooms and instant message sites, waiting to take advantage of the naivite of a child or the rebelliousness of a teen. The son or daughter we thought would never become prey to this type of horrific crime.

Data Recon, LLC is a company with the experience neccessary to handle these types of requests, and is dedicated to providing cutting edge services to its clients. We are a company that has had brings to the table many years of law enforcement level cyber crime investigative and computer forensic experience.

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