This service involves the recovery of needed data which has been lost as a result of a computer virus attack, hard drive crash, accidental deletion, or malicious deletion. Even if you have formatted, or even "fdisked" you drive (on purpose or accidentally) we can still recover files.

Data Recovery Services are being seen more and more as a neccesary service as people keep important emails, files, and other information on their computer. With the average consumer moving to digital cameras to record the important events in their lives, the need for data recovery of digital pictures has become a greater requested service. These irreplacable pictures which normally would be on photo paper can in most cases be completely recovered.

Information retreived during a Recovery Service will differ from case to case but generally can involve recovering the following types of files:

  • Digital Pictures
  • Documents
  • Books
  • Websites
  • Spreadsheets
  • Many more

If the data loss was due to a computer virus infection, as a part of the recovery process we can wipe your hard drive clean of any trace of a virus, including boot sector virii. We can also assist in reformatting and even reloading you operating system and programs to get you back up and running.

If your data loss was due to physical failure of the sections of the hard drive, we can conduct free secure and complete destruction of the drive and all data contents once the recovery is complete.

All data recovery evaluations are free. If Data Recon cannot recovery any data, there is never a charge. Please contact us for current rates. The final cost will be determined prior to any data recovery is conducted.

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