Computer Forensic Services are specialized services. Not only does this type of service require an extended knowledge of different computer systems, where to find data that pertains to your case, and the ability to interpret that data; Computer Forensics requires specialized tools and software that can retreive the information you need without changing any data when accessing the storage media.

At Data Recon we combine these computer skills and tools with years of experience in real-world casework on criminal cases, including report writing, case development/managment, as well as experience in providing expert testimony in criminal cases regarding computer forensic work.

We maintain up to date training on the tools and software used, to provide the best possible case-work for our clients. We also use current computer equipment and tools to allow us to process the computer data in a timely and effective manner.

Information retreived during a Computer Forensic Analysis will differ from case to case but generally can involve capturing the following types of files/data:

  • Image Files
  • Documents
  • Speadsheets
  • Databases
  • Emails
  • Internet History
  • Cached Web Pages
  • Cached Internet Image Files

The process and results of a Computer Forensics Exam are detailed in a report that is provided to the client during phases of the case and at the completion of the case.

Please contact us for current rates and to discuss your case. The final rates will be fully determined prior to any contract for services being signed.

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